05 December 2008

Deja Vu

Our Wednesday before Thanksgiving was set to be our day of preparation. The kids were out of school and Jason took the day off to help get the lights up.
Cooper was SO excited! Christmas decorations! He was running across the family room and slipped on a piece of paper (on a laminate floor - worse than a banana peel)...
KABOOM on his poor little chin - for the third time!!!! (The first was at a pool, the second while diving for the swing on our front porch)
Poor little guy! There is a certain cry you hear from your kids where you know it is not good - we heard it that morning.
Exact same line as before. Thankfully the ER was not busy and we had a great doctor. Glue was the choice this time (it was stitches the last two times). Pretty neat stuff (the doctor said it is basically a medical grade of super glue).
When we were done, we headed off the Walmart for some more lights (which ended up being left on the end of the conveyor belt - the metal part before the belt, not the actual moving belt - which, by the way, meant another trip to Walmart for lights later in the day). Did I mention only one strand of the lights on tree worked? Of course I wrap lights round and round...
It was just one of those days.
We pushed on and kept going and going...
Jason was still going strong that night when he came in and headed for the sink. He had hurt his hand and honestly I didn't think too much of it because he always seems to injure his hands one way or another when he is working on a project, but when he started saying he needed help - well, he was trying to pull out a broken, jagged icicle light and... long story short, another trip to the ER (almost exactly 12 hours later). Four stitches to his right pointer finger.
Have I said lately how grateful I am for medical insurance??
He was a trooper - just like Cooper :)
I was so grateful for bed.
We headed off to Paducah the next morning.
More updates to come :)


Niki said...

Wow, you had one busy day. I am usually the one needing the ER visits... Knock on wood, it has been a while since I have been. Hopefully the rest of your weekend was a good one.

Sants said...



That's a lot for one day. Gees!

We've had ER docs tell us it the glue they use IS superglue (original) and it is the exact same stuff, just packaged differently. We started to use it on clean edge head lacs in the hair and as long as the wound it dry, it works great. You have to wait for it to stop bleeding, though.

I love health insurance, too, but $3.39 beats $400 most days.