29 September 2009

There's No Need to Fear....

Quilt man is here :)

Yes, I got to meet Quilt Man while I was at the workshop in Paducah, at the National Quilt Museum.

He was a very confident guy... like not afraid to go outside the quilt museum and walk around downtown by himself.

I had a wonderful time learning from this rock star of the quilting world (little did I know that before I went) - Katie Pasquini Masopust .  Two of her quilts were on display in the museum while I was there.

Her work is SO amazing and she is a gifted teacher.

Here is one of her latest. She paints on canvas and then stitches on the painting.  Genius!

The workshop was all about transforming a still life into an abstract quilt.  We worked on a posterboard sized one the last day, with the idea of coming home and working on a "masterpiece" one (at least 5 feet by 5 feet).

It was quite a right brained workout - all the different exercises led up to us choosing one piece to make there.

Here are some of the works in progress.  Mine is the one on the bottom right corner (with the table easel in front of it ...).


This one was my favorite of all the student's work - a new friend (Sheila from NC).  LOVE IT!!!

I think I have learned I like something more realistic than abstract.  But, I do HIGHLY recommend this class, or anything taught by Katie.

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Blake and Audra said...

WOW Elizabeth! That seems like such a fun class. I'm sure you learned a lot. Even though you're already a master!!