30 May 2010


I have been up and doing... just forgetting to take pictures.

I finished one bag that was ordered, am working on a quilt for etsy, and have been working on the house...

I just need to take some pics.

I feel like I stink at writing tutorials, but if there is enough interest in some tutorials for bags, I will definitely give it a whirl...
just let me know what you think.

I have also been working on the yard - and actually did take a couple of pics!
I am trying to plant less annuals and add more perennials.  I had to plant some impatiens :)

My favorite - hydrangeas - have started blooming...
I would love to replace this retaining wall with a stone one, but I think we will have this around for quite awhile still.

I do want to thank all of those who have sacrificed for for our country.
I know freedom isn't free and I am very grateful for what we have.

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day.

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