12 September 2013

Be Our Guest

A long time ago, I decided to redo the guest room... a very tiny room, but a room I could see chock full of cute.   I've worked on a few things, but hit a bit snag when I moved my daughter in there so I could start on redoing her room.  (Yes, starting a new project without finishing the first one :).
I've been working on a quilt for a while using mainly Ruby from Bonnie & Camille and Redwork Renaissance (both from Moda Fabrics).  I love using precuts - they are a cheaper way to get a variety of fabric for a good price.
I starting cutting up my charm packs and sewing then back together.

I decided on straight line quilting and used a sheet I found at Goodwill (in Baton Rouge... thanks Tifani :)) for the backing.  I love to use sheets if I decide not to use a pieced back.

I still need to bind it.

My daughter was my photo assistant... see how excited she was? ;)


Sant Family said...

I want to be your guest! That sheet was a major score! I am so glad that you found it! I love what you did. You are so talented! I love you!

PS I also love your A's nails. And her.

JsprDevl99 said...

Wow quilt is beautiful!

http://au.essay-writing-place.com/ said...

You're a real talent! Your daughter seems to like the process:) You're so alike! My daughter's went abroad and I miss her so much... You're lucky to have her with you.