28 April 2008

I made it throught the week...

I am so grateful to have last week done! We had a nasty intestinal bug flying around here since the 17th (of April). Some people were bubbling out both ends :(.
Jason also had work, then straight to class the last two weeks. I really missed him.
Hurray, this looks like a somewhat "normal" week. Still crazy, but I will take it.
The older kids just left for school and Cooper and I will be off to the YMCA soon. I think I gained weight last week - stress eating.
I did find out I will get to go to Washington DC for a week in August. My parents need to go and I get to tag along :)! Jason will man the fort at home.
I hope you are having a great start to your week and have something fun to look forward to too :).


Sants said...


Glad you all made it through.

Horrible, that stomach flu!

Niki said...

My parents went to DC this week. My brother lives somewhere in NC south of DC. Nice that I don't know huh?! One day it would be cool to go there.

Glad you made it through the week. I only have two of us to take care of when we are sick, can't imagine any more.