21 December 2010

long time... no post

yes, i am back...
wish i had some amazing, incredible travel story to share, but i've been here the whole time.
cleaning, cooking, a bit of quilting, painting, parenting, etc. etc. real life stuff.  and life is good.
i hope you are all enjoying the Christmas spirit in your homes.
here's a bit of catch up...

i wish, wish, wish i could capture sunsets the way they really look!

made some invites for church

made some ornaments

and a pie for my father-in-law
(i'll ask him if i can share his mom's recipe - pineapple cream pie)

so much fun making this gingerbread house!

finally finished with this quilt...

i'm leaving out pictures of the laundry, cleaning, painting, etc... :)

it's good to be back!


Lacy said...

i love those skates,too cute!

Blake and Audra said...

You are SO creative! That quilt... HELLO!! It's SO amazing!