07 April 2008

It Pays to Be Cute!

A man Jason works with loves to hear "Cooper stories".
(Like the time we were all watching "Boystown" with Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney... I noticed Cooper was nowhere to be seen. I sent Jacob looking for him. He found him - in the kitchen with the Pam. We had a slippy slide in on the kitchen floor for a while!)
(Or the morning I was sitting in Old Testament class and I heard my phone vibrate.
I always leave it on vibrate in that class because Cooper is at preschool - not
100 percent potty trained and I told the teacher to call if there was ever a problem. Well, up to that day, the phone had never rung. But this day his teacher says some thing to the effect that she is really sorry, but Cooper is a mess and
"it" is all on his shirt in the back, on his pants and on his hands and he won't get out of the chair. Needless to say, I explained I had to leave and drove straight to the preschool ready to disinfect both my son and the school. I walked in and saw him looking so sad in his little chair. His hands definitely had a brown substance on them and the back of his shirt and pants were very suspicious looking too... fortunately, he had put some Diego (as in Go Diego, Go!) chocolate coins in his pocket that morning. I guess the heat from his hot little hands melted them. I was so relieved :) His teacher was embarrassed, but I was really happy to clean up that mess! I even got to run back and finish up the Old Testament class :)
He (the guy Jason works with)whipped out a two dollar bill the other day and told Jason to give it to Cooper, "because I really like Cooper!"
As you can see, Cooper loves money!

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Sants said...

He is definitely at least two bucks worth of cute!

We would LOVE to see your family!