22 June 2008

Harrison's Art and the riverfront

We went to see a piece of Harrison's artwork on display at a local art gallery. I need to ask him what the title of this piece is.

Cool shoes, huh?

Cooper liked hanging around here :)

Amanda had the camera for a while and snapped this one of Jason (she had him pose). Amanda wants to know if you think they look identical?

Afterwards we walked by the riverfront...

which was up pretty high. Fortunately it looks like the river has crested. People upstream were not as fortunate as this area has been.

Coop liked following Dad around.


Look Dad! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...

railroad tracks!

Amanda :)

It is hard to get everyone to smile at once.

Time to go home for rootbeer floats!

1 comment:

Sants said...

That looks like so much fun!

Really cool picture of shoes, Harrison.

The river looks really high! Scary.

I love the pictures! You can tell Amanda that I definitely see a strong resemblance, early identical.

Yummmmm I love rootbeer floats!

And I love all the pictures in a story book format.