16 January 2009


Lately, what I've been craving is order (I know, with four kids, that is a big dream).
I decided to tackle this bookshelf (it is from Ikea... oh how I wish we had an Ikea here!). I need one more Branas basket (from Ikea) for the bottom. We keep Coop's toys down there.
Jason loves to collect old radios, so we have two here. This is in our family room that we have been remodeling for over a year now. I will have to have Jason do a post about that. He is almost done with the fireplace.
Hope you have a wonderful day :)


Sants said...

I love the color coordination of the books! Fabulous! I really wish we had an Ikea here too!

Niki said...

Hey guys.. I have an IKEA!!! Just thought I would share with you... I am so not that creative.. I am glad someone else is.. It looks great..