14 June 2009


Harrison - our fearless, spider catching kid came in the kitchen one day. He had been vacuuming the front room and had a scared look on his face.
"Um, Mom... there is a HUGE spider in Dad's room. I see a big leg under Dad's chair."

I thought - oh great. Harrison is not a scaredy cat at all about this, so it must be a totally enormous spider. I do not like spiders!
I said, "Go find Dad."
Well, I thought it must be a huge wolf spider.
I waited in the kitchen (no way was I going to see what was in there).
Well, it was this...

Amanda brought this feather thing home from school. I can handle that kind of "spider" any day :)


Sants said...

Oh whew!! I was nervous just reading this post. We had wolf spiders in Santaquin. I had a bad experience with one once. I am traumatized for life.

I send Larry after spiders. More often than not, Joseph (7) is eager to get rid of them.

I think our kids would be good friends...

Lott crew said...

Those are the kind I like too---it's the fear I experience trying to figure out it's demise--BEFORE I realize what it really is that scare me.