11 July 2009

Back to school... in style!

Believe it or not, two of my kids go back to school next week! I've been promising to make my princess a messenger bag since sometime last year, so the time finally came this week. I couldn't find a pattern I absolutely loved, so i looked at some and then decided to forge ahead and come up with one of my own, with some influence from some I did like.

This is the end result.

It's is hard to see, but I put clear vinyl over the orange fabric on the sides. She usually puts a water bottle in the side pocket and I thought the vinyl would help protect the stuff in the middle of her bag.

This is the first time I tried these. Easy! I love them!

This is the embroidery she wanted.

She picked out the fabrics from my "stash". I LOVE Heather Bailey fabric!

The back...

The inside. Not great pics, but I think you get the idea...

I'll miss her!


Mike and Ayesha said...

What a super cute bag!!! =)

Angeleah said...

OK-- How much do you want to make me one of those super- cute bags?

I love it!! Great job!

Blake and Audra said...

Elizabeth!! HOLY COW! That bag is amazing!

Sants said...


That is FABULOUS!! I just cannot believe that you created that out of your own head! Are you going to give directions for the pattern? It looks amazing!

I love Heather Bailey fabrics too! And I see at least one Amy Butler.

Seriously, you are AMAZING! (Which I already knew.)

Lott crew said...

Okay how cute is that! Think we need to have a ward activity where you teach us this one! I am not much of a seamstress---but I would love to learn this or better yet have my mom learn to! LOL

Shauna said...

Wow, what an amazing job Elizabeth!