20 October 2009

Friends are the Bacon Bits in the Salad Bowl of Life

The kiddos and I headed down to Louisisana to vist my friend Tifani and her family.  
They have experienced some culture shock having moved not so long ago from 
the far away state of Washington. 

It was WONDERFUL to spend some time in her presence again.  She and I were companions as missionaries  for church (mumble, mumble, mumble) years ago and haven't seen each other in wayyyy tooo loooong!  It was a comfortable feeing to pick  right where we left off oh so long ago.  Don't you love having friends like that :) 
Our kids were all fast friends soon too.

I want to post more and some pictures - but - my technical advisor is unavailable at the moment (and the computer is not cooperating!).  
As soon as he has some free moments, I'll snag him and have him work his computer magic.

P.S.   Okay - after having viewed 
Tifani's blog - she is the MASTER of blogging, 
I think I will link you over to her blog.  She tells and shows it much better than I ever will :)

Click here and you'll see what I mean.

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Sants said...

It was SO great having you here! Ben asks EVERY day for me to email you and get the recipe for the grits you made. (This is me asking :) )

Thanks SO MUCH for coming. You have no idea how much your visit cheered me up and made me feel less isolated!