26 October 2009

Drive by shootings - of Fall

This post is dedicated to Tifani -
she is missing Fall this year -
so I thought I'd share some of mine with her.. 
and you :).
I had to run some errands the other day and decided to grab the camera and show you
some of what I see while I am driving around...
thus the slightly unfocused pictures... 
drive, aim and take the shot.

P.S.  I think I feel a vinyl lettering giveaway coming on :)  
Check back soon!


Sants said...

HAHA!!! I love the second to last picture! HAHAHA!!

We are all laughing about it!

THANK YOU for the pictures! I do miss fall! I plan on coming here everyday to look at it! Thank you!

Mike and Ayesha said...

Oh, I miss it too! I love the colors of fall!!!

Sants said...

I just browsed all the fall pictures again and so I wanted to say thanks - again!