22 January 2010

The Ultimate Purse Project

I need your help... yes - AGAIN!!!!  
(Don't you just hate needy friends!)

I want to create the ultimate purse - for a busy woman... and am in need of your suggestions, critiquing and general good advice.  (You're so good at that!)

Sooooo, here goes.  I have started with this purse as a starting point (tutorial I used found here).

This is my first effort...

In return for all your wonderful advice, you will be entered in a giveaway for the purse you see above (made with Amy Butler fabric on the inside and a tan flannel on the inside).
I like it, but already know it is too small and doesn't have enough inside compartments.  I am not crazy about the strap meeting in the middle on the top.  I have considered "D" rings - again, any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated.  From your suggestions, I will make another "prototype", which I 'm sure will not be the ultimate purse yet - so more comments and suggestions, and another giveaway... till finally and hopefully I will have an ultimate purse to make and then sell on Etsy :)
So - suggest away and tell your friends - so they can suggest away.


Sants said...

Okay... I like a D-ring so that I sling it over a shoulder and across and be hands free or use it regularly (across is such a pain with jackets). I also really like an outside pocket for my keys and one for my phone (even though I usually keep that in my bra - I do have a friend who keeps her keys there too, but I have standards - they are low, but I have them).

Inside I need a zipper pocket (so easy to do! Call me.) so my rolls of cash don't just fall out.


I crack myself up.

Joking about the rolls of cash, serious about the zipper pocket and I do like some kind of closure on top for when the purse dumps over in the car or something it minimizes my inconvenience.

I can hardly wait to see what you come up with! You are such a genius!

Diane said...

I like to have the strap long enough to put over my shoulder and across my body so that I don't have to hold on to it. I also think a zippered pocket (on the inside or outside) would be great so that you can put valuables in it.

Katie said...

I agree with a longer strap so you can sling it across your body and be hands free. You can do a D-ring at the the base of the handle, where purse and handle meet. It would have to be bigger especially if you are gearing towards a mom crowd. I like a zipper pocket on the inside as well for chapstick and little things like that.

Her Majesty, the Queen said...

Phone pocket! On the outside! Also, I saw this purse on you and thought it was absolutely adorable. A zippered compartment on the inside is nice for things like locks and headphones. Do you know how annoying it is when your headphone cords get all mixed up in your keys?

Lott crew said...

Looks cute...here's my only purse advice--too many pockets CAN be a problem...but none can be an issue...I still continue to shop for the perfect purse..and there you have my deep profound opinion!

Katie said...

I need to add this, I like my purses to close, so if I bend over I don't dump everything out.