01 February 2010


Here it is... strapless at the moment.
How long do you like your strap? I know a couple of you said you like the option of wearing it across the body - so like how long is that for you in inches?

I do love this fabric!

Two pockets on one side (inside)... 
You can't tell, but there are two spots to hold pens...

And yes, my first zipper! 
You would have thought I won a gold medal the way I showed it to all my family. 
I think Jacob (mr. 14 year old) was like, 

Yes - so now I can sew an inside zipper. 
I know one for the main body of the bag will be my challenge on the next prototype.

'D' rings for your wearing convenience. 
I also still need to add a magnetic snap. 
Nope - no zipper this time, but a snap I will do.

And "duh", I forgot to take a picture, but there is a pocket for a cell phone under on of the 'D' rings on the side...
It measures roughly 15" x 12".
Again - I need you comments and suggestions. 

Same as last time, a comment and you are in to win this.
Have a lovely sunshiny day!


Sants said...

OH MY GOSH!!! You are a genius! I LOVE it!

I think you should put that doodah on it that makes the strap adjustable because someone of my girth has need of a longer strap than say ... most everyone else.

I was totally laughing about your inside zipper because the first ... okay, FIVE that I did I showed EVERYONE. Bookclub - yes, I made this - look! I put in a zipper!

I prefer a magnetic clasp over a zipper for the top, but some don't, I know.

I am so impressed, Elizabeth!

Katie said...

I love it!! You know these would make really good scripture bags. I carry so much to church. I need a place for my colored pencils, pens, gum, candy, the scriptures, the follow along books, well you get the picture. Still I am hoping to win this one I just love love the colors!!!

Laura said...

That is a beautiful purse, I love the fabric, very bright and uplifting. Way to go on the zipper.

Jen said...

Alright, I admit I came to your blog looking for the purse...it is so cute and makes me want to see spring again. I think it is so perfect for the last bit of Winter. Good job on the zipper, that's a super hard thing to do. I (almost) died laughing at Cooper and his day though, I do love the real ninja haircut!!! Little boys are just the best!

Holly said...

WOW!!!! I'm still learning so much about you! I always knew you were amazing but look at you go!!!!!! Just found your blog so I wanted to check it out! The purse looks GREAT! How much fun is this!! Keep it up. and sure, i'd love to get it and i'd use it with pride and tell EVERYONE where i got it from!!!! (Adjustable strap is great but I really don't care either way :-) ) can't wait to learn more and more about you! sure miss book club but may be back soon!!
And again, this looks great! thanks for sharing your talents!!

Lacy said...

cute fabric. sorry i didn't comment on the last one like i said i would. i loved the button closure on the last one and i love the zippered pocket on this one. i do like the magnetic clasp idea, but maybe with the look of the button closure?

Bernard said...

I like a 25" handle. You've done an amazing job with the zipper. The D rings make a nice touch.