03 September 2010

a stash for cash and a happy anniversary

My wallet had been showing some signs of wear, so I decided to make a new one...
Soooo, this is what I came up with this time - 

Love this fabric!

I really struggled with the edging, but finally found this ribbon -
at Dollar Tree.  
I am still thinking on how I want to close it.  Not sure if I want velcro, snaps, hmmm.
I did a zippered compartment for change and swapped where I stash the cash and the cards.  So far - LOVE it!

We also recently celebrated our 20th anniversary :D
Here's to many more to come!
p.s. - is anyone interested in a tutorial for this wallet??


Her Majesty, the Queen said...

what a pretty wallet! Hope your anniversary was great. You are so talented.

Sant Family said...

How did I miss this? I totally am interested in a tutorial :). When you have time. No pressure!