08 October 2010

small update on the sewing room

i know it has been forever since i have updated you on the craft room.  i thought i would show you some evidence of progress.  hubby and i found a counter top (10 feet!) for $50 for one side of the room.  i still need to sew a "curtain" to hide underneath it, but here is one corner...
i had the shelf in the basement - a yard sale find.  i painted it white and am storing odds and ends there.  the bulletin board is a small bulletin board covered to be a quilt design board. 

i will do my best to keep the counter top clean.
i'll go through the stuff in that box soon. 
(i do love the box - a target find)
she's liking it 


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Sants said...

That looks incredible! I LOVE your space! It is so cherry and ... spacious and I love your designs and work. Your girl is cute as always!