14 January 2011

Catch that color!

I washed Tara's quilt and used this to make sure the colors didn't run, I used this... 
For the most part, I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

A bit of bleed... see it in the corner.
I'm not one to prewash my fabrics.  I love the crinkle magic that happens in the dryer after the wash and I think prewashing takes away from that.  And I'm always after as much crinkle as I can get.

I also used the color catcher on this quilt.  Here it is prewashed.

and now for the magic...

I wasn't as thrilled with my color catcher results on this one... but I only used two sheets.  With all the turquoise waiting to bleed on this one, I should have used more.  But I learned, and that's what it's all about :)


Sants said...

Seriously. I LOVE the crinkle, too! I don't prewash either. I've regretted not using a sheet also, but I couldn't even see what you were talking about.

I want you to do your free motion quilting on all my quilt tops, k? You are so good at it!

Love ya!

cozy said...

send 'em on up Tif!!!