15 April 2011

the power of words

yes... i am here.

no, i can't remember where i put a little cord that connects my cute camera to my laptop.

i'm fairly sure i put it somewhere i thought would be great for me to keep it for quick and easy use.

my mom sent me this and i found it very moving.

i'll be back as soon as i find that adorable little cord.
i have a lot of catching up to do :>

p.s.  this looking for things is getting old - i spent about 40 minutes looking for my van a couple of weeks ago... only to find where i was sure i didn't park.  thank goodness for prayer!
i either need a session - or five with a personal organizer - or some good memory vitamins!


Teresa said...

When you find those good memory vitamins, please send some my way!
My brain is downright scary sometimes!

Lott crew said...

It was a very sweet video--thanks for the post.