26 May 2011

my apologies...

i know this is a horrible picture...
remember when i told you i found the cord to my camera - well, i did.  what i can't find now is the battery charger.  sigh.
i know i will come across it.  anyone want to come over and help me do some more organizing?  maybe we will run across it together :)
in the meantime, here is the back of the quilt i've been working on.  i meant to embroider the info on the stars so the back would be horizontal, same as the front, but i wasn't paying enough attention.  oh well.
que sera :)

each star has info (date of birth, weight, etc.) of the baby embroidered on it.  maybe i will get this quilted this weekend :)
a big thanks to my oldest son for holding this up 
while i took the picture.  
his head casts a nice shadow :>

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