03 July 2011


the other night Cooper (my seven year old) and i were driving home from target.
out of the blue he said,
"i already know that the earth is a circle."

surprised, and wondering what started this line of thinking, i said,
"really?  how do you know that?"

he said, "because... when you look at where there are no trees - you can look at the sky and just tell."

his next statement was interesting.

"i'm glad i'm not christopher columbus."
"really.  why?" (i had to know :)

"because, then i'd be dead."


Stacie Day said...

TOOO FUNNY!!!!! Of course, he is right...That Christopher Columbus is dead, but there is a film director whose name is Christopher Columbus :) I love kids!

Elaine said...

Now that just might be the funniest thing a kid has ever said. Holly and Brent and I are all laughing:-). Miss you!

Elaine said...

Holly and Brent and I are all laughing. This is very cute and very funny! Miss you!