15 September 2011

yes, this is how i felt lately.
life can be gliding along and then all of a sudden you hit the wall - seemingly unable to gracefully regroup.  not really any one thing - a combination of many things. i am learning some really great life lessons right now (nothing earth shattering, just those kind of internal, just for me, wow am i really almost 45 and just now learning this is how life works), but do find myself wishing i could put up a closed sign with a date when i'll be back in the game of life, but i guess that's not how it works.
till then, i'm open for the 'business' of the day :)
i'm ok... life is good - just those pesky expectations of mine getting in the way.
thanks for reading my run on sentences.  i've never considered myself much of a writer, but if i were, i'd be stream of consciousness all the way.

actually, as i ramble on here this book comes to mind.

maybe this would
 be a better title for this post :)

maybe i should get it out and read it again... but i think i loaned it to someone and never got it back.
i must say i am grateful for prayer and scripture study. 
hope life is great for you...


Queen Bee said...

Hang in there, Elizabeth. Things always get better. and the whole point of your (and my) life is to continually learn new things about how life works.

Sant Family said...

It's been a tough couple of weeks for me, too. Nothing that a visit with you wouldn't fix, though :). I think sometimes it's okay to allow yourself to not have it figured it.