06 December 2011

some tree skirt love

1. Tree Skirt Progress, 2. Herringbone Block Tutorial, 3. 8. The finished christmas tree skirt, 4. red lace tree skirt 2, 5. Tree Skirt, 6. just an ordinary tree skirt

every Christmas time i think... time to make a tree skirt... and every year i don't seem to get past the thinking stage...
oh well, at least i will dream about it :)

i know the herringbone block is not a tree skirt, but i think it would make an awesome one :)

ho, ho, ho!

1 comment:

Sant Family said...

Those are fabulous! Whenever I see something like that I think, well, I would make the top but never quilt it. We should get together and make them some time before next Christmas. Miss you!