20 March 2012

successful failure...

i heard that the creator of Spanx made it to the Forbes billionaire list this year.  if you're not familiar with Spanx, it's like a modern girdle (at least that is my understanding... i personally have never tried them).
i heard a bit of her story... young salesperson - in her 20's - used to cut the legs off her pantyhose and thought there must be a better way (hey, i cut the legs off MY pantyhose! :)  i'm sure you really wanted to know that, right :D ?
anyway, she sunk her life savings into the idea (the figure i heard was $5000) and went with it.  her privately owned company is now worth a billion.  awesome or what!?  well, i thought that was really neat for her.
by the way, her name is sara blakely.

well, the other day i caught the tail end of an interview of her.  i'm so glad i did.  she talked about how everyday at the dinner table, her dad would ask her and her brother what they failed at that day.  she grew up with the thought that failure was okay and a normal part of life.

this has totally changed my thinking...
i usually ask my kids what the best part of their 
day was.
now i know what to ask them.  
can you imagine not having a fear of failure??

so... what have you failed at lately?? :)


Sant Family said...

What an interesting idea! I totally fear failure. And I used to cut the legs off my pantyhose, too.

Blake and Audra said...

Such a good post. I failed at being a nice & patient mom today. It's only 3:30. So help me!