24 November 2012

sleigh bells ring... are ya listenin'?

Can you hear it?  That feeling of peace on earth... good will to men...
Well, maybe not if you read the news, but I will do my best to spread the love of Christ this Christmas.
I do love this time of year and am hoping we can start and renew some traditions here at home.

I hope this finds you cozy in your home and thinking happy thoughts!


On a side note, I found a wonderful tutorial for making a blog header here at City Girl Gone Coastal.  I've been planking around on the computer while I am lying... or is it laying... well, being lazy on the couch recovering from strep throat that my children shared with me over the Thanksgiving holiday... and found her awesome tutorial.  I had never used picmonkey before, but know I will again.
Oh, and I found the cute bunting for free at pretty little studio.

There is just one problem.  I went to save my file and the monkey danced around for a loooonnnnngggg time and never would save my file.  So the new blog header you are seeing is my second attempt.  Ugh.  I hate when that happens!  Despite all this, I will still continue to use picmonkey.  Yep.  I'm forgiving like that ;)

So let me know if you have any plans for the Christmas season... or your thoughts on picmonkey... or any thing else.  I  do love randomness you know :)

p.s.  Now that the new header is loaded, I do like the header itself, but would like it wider... but I think that will be for another session. 

p.p.s.... I found another great tutorial here at Sew Many Ways that was also very helpful.  Picmonkey still was giving me some problems and I'm still not totally thrilled with the width of the header, but, for now, it will do.

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