11 February 2008

Found a Peanut!

Isn't she cute! We are so happy to have Peanut in our home! All the kids love her - even Jason :) is having fun with her. Now comes the fun part - potty training!
She is 9 weeks old and 3.1 pounds.


The Raubach Family said...

What a cutey!!! That makes me want to go get one! (Except too much responsibility for our fam right now!) I love her name too! Hey Elizabeth, can you email me your kids email address'? Cayden has been wanting someone to email. He emails one other cousin and loves it!

The Raubach Family said...

I just tagged you! Check out my blog for details!

The Sant Family said...

Hello??????? Elizabeth?????

You have a blog too?

Your bread looks amazing. I LOVE your chalkboard! (that's how I found you - how weird is that?)

This is our public blog. From there you can email or comment and I will send you an invitation to our real blog.


Love, Tifani

becky said...

Too cute! I know that you have much work ahead with potty training and all...but it's sooooooo worth it!