22 February 2008

School's Out Again!

Two days in a row now! We have some happy kids. I am so ready for Spring!
This picture still has snow in it (from our trip to Estes Park, Colorado last summer), but I will take it!


Sants said...

We had one week of snow days earlier in the year, the first time in 10 years. We had to get 2 feet in 24 hours for them to give it us, though. They were really fun days! Of course, now the kids are in school a week longer into the summer ... so ...

Sants said...

Hey, I thought I'd answer your comment to me over here :). I do LOVE to sew and crochet. But I have only made one quilt. My friend and I are going to do another one again soon. I am STILL handing stitching the binding around the first one. I need to watch more tv or something to get it done.

Do you quilt? You are SO crafty! I wish you lived closer so that you could share all your great ideas with me!

Sants said...

Fabulous header design! Did you design that? You rock!! And I have left three comments on one post!

Makes it sound like I need to get a life.

cozy at home said...

Hi Tif! So nice to hear from you :)
I like to quilt - I don't know if I would say I am good at it. Like most of my sewing, I always have the vague feeling that there is a better way than the way I am doing it. I remember you Mom sewed.
Yes, I did do that header in Photoshop - am on a major learning curve. My sister-in-law Ashlee is the major blog designer!
I look forward to hearing from you.