05 March 2008

Pictures of ALL of us...

I had a request (thanks Tif) for a picture of ALL of us.
Well, somewhere there is one. I will see if Jason can find it.
Here are some of all of us... individually :) and some together.
The close up of me is really close - sorry! Jacob is in the picture too, but didn't like the way he looked. I'm not one to have my picture taken very often. Keep waiting for that magic moment when I really like the way my photo looks!


Sants said...

Thank you!!! You look exactly the same!!! And your family is beautiful!! Yea you!!!! Thank you again! I just keep looking!

Niki said...

I have been looking for you. Tif is right, you look exactly the same...

Niki Wright

cozy at home said...

Hey Niki!
It is amazing to hear from you!
How are you???
(once known as Sister DeWitt)

Niki said...

Hey, email me at nikiwrght@yahoo.com

We can catch up.