27 February 2008

Another favorite thing

Hydrangeas are one of my most absolute favorite flowers. There are SO many different kinds... all so beautiful. I found this amazing photo on flickr (taken by "mother nature") at Longwood Gardens (Pennsylvania) in the conservatory. I have never seen hanging baskets with hydrangeas - so beautiful!!!!
I bought some "Endless Summer" hydrangeas last year (they are supposed to bloom on both old and new wood). I am looking forward to see how they weathered the winter.
I have read that waking up to the sight of fresh flowers is good for you - gets you going faster.
What are your favorite flowers??


Elaine said...

I'm learning that my favorite flowers are anything that Elizabeth likes. You have great taste in plants and everything. That's a beautiful picture. Maybe this spring you can help me again with my flower gardens:-)

Sants said...

I love dahlias and peonies.

I need to improve my garden ...