18 March 2008

Rain, Rain...

I am definitely tied to the weather. The few blips of Spring we have lately have really awakened something inside of me.
I think part of me goes into hibernation mode when the leaves fall off the trees and days become shorter. "Lighter later" (what my kids call daylight savings time) is an exciting thing for me (and Jason too).

Today, though, the rain is here and I have been so sleepy all day long! It has been a day to stay in the jammies as long as possible!

I am looking forward to some warm, slightly breezy days... ready to go out and trim my ornamental grasses.
I will hopefully get some seeds started in the next couple of days :)

How does the weather affect you?


The Raubach Family said...

This winter is just dragging on! By February I really start feeling depressed! Today was warm and Arlen jumped on the tramp with the kids, and I cleaned up the garage, it's amazing what a little bit of sunshine does to ya! I can't wait for spring! I love the fajita's! I'm looking forward to your next recipe post!

Sants said...

It snowed last week and this week. Yeah, I could use some sun about this time of year.