13 March 2008

Yet Another Favorite

I LOVE this! I really like my house to smell nice (I know, who doesn't), and this is this ticket. Other air fresheners can smell a bit chemically (I know, not a real word) to me, but not this. It smells like you have just peeled fresh oranges in your house. They have other scents too (grapefruit, I think lime, etc), but I have never tried them because I love this one so much :).
Do you have a favorite thing to make your house smell cozy?


Sants said...

I am a sucker for the stuff from Bath and Body Works. I do Cinnamon something or rather in the fall and winter and Peach something or rather in the spring and summer. I am a creature of habit, I guess.

Dana's Design Studio & Wholesale Furnishings said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Great new graphic on your blog. And fun entries. I will list you on my blog as a St. Louis favorite. give me a couple days to do it.

want to join our project for Haven of Grace? We need some folks to come paint, put things together and have fun.