08 May 2008


Our neighbor's Redbud tree in beautiful bloom

I am grateful for:
having diapers on hand still (visit of the nasty virus part III)
the rain... again
having fun friends blogs to read
the book, "Have a New Kid by Friday" (my latest and greatest item in my sanity stash)
the Wii
Jacob's new found happy attitude (I think thanks to the book mentioned above... more to come soon on this book)
Redbuds and other flowering trees
how green every thing looks outside after the rain
XM radio
an awesome husband who came home early and took Jacob to have his stitches removed
a mother-in-law/best friend who listens to me :)
a cute dog
an extra large capacity washing machine
our new Japanese maple that I can see out the front door (an early Mother's Day present:)
Jason's pocket PC to play mindless games on and fall asleep
my cell phone
Little Caesar's hot 'n ready $5 pizza and husband and son who suggested they bring it on home for dinner
winter is over!
a soft and comfy green chenille couch to sleep on in the same room with Cooper while he endures round III
a fireplace to burn old bills in
yesterday is done :) Today is another one :)

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AudraandBlake said...

Hi Elizabeth!! How are you? I just love your blog. It's so cute! Just thought I would stop by and say hi and that you should check out my blog as well. I love blogging...I could say i'm obsessed! haha Love you, hope your week is great, or is this round 3 week?