12 May 2008

Another recipe...

Tomato Basil Quesadillas
Jason really looks forward to vine ripened tomatoes and fresh basil every summer. I always plant basil (grow in in a container on the deck). I usually make him tomato basil salad, but decided to give quesadillas with this filling a try. I also tried them on the grill - Jason loved them :) Jacob did too!
I'm not good at writing down my recipes, so here we go...

Tomatoes - diced and excess juice and seeds (just some, don't stress over this) removed (either roma, or any tomato of your choice)
Sliced scallions to your liking
finely diced onion of your choice - I usually use red or Vidalia
1 - 2 cloves garlic - minced
small handful of fresh basil - chiffonade slice or roughly chopped
drizzle with olive oil (or canola if you don't have olive on hand)
fresh ground black pepper
sea salt
Tortillas - I like mission homestyle or azteca homestyle (I like flexible tortillas)
Cheese of your choice... mozzarella is good, I used grated colby jack on these ones

You can do this in the skillet or on the grill...
If using grill, use medium heat. Brush vegetable oil on one side of tortilla. Lay tortilla on grill, put cheese on half of tortilla. Put a layer of tomato/basil salad on top of cheese, and then put another small layer of cheese on top of salad. Fold empty half over covered side. Cook till done on both sides. Slice in quarters and serve...


Niki said...

That does look really good. The problem I have.... I hate tomatoes. I don't know what it is, but if I get them, my friends pick them off... I need to learn how to cook from your recipes. I get by, but I am sure that Austin would like something different every now and then.

Love you

becky said...

yum...i'll have to try these...they look and sound wonderful!

Sants said...

You are such a great cook! I totally admire you!

Charlotte said...

Yeah! I found this recipe. You are such a great cook. I am excited to make this. I am going to make it in the next few weeks. My basil is ready and we have roma tomatoes that will be coming in very soon. Thanks for telling me where to find this recipe on your blog! P.S. Please be sure to put the pineapple pie in this recipe file too. That sounded so good!

Charlotte said...

Yeah! I found this recipe. Thanks for telling me how to find it on your blog! I am anxious to make this. My basil is ready and my romas should be coming in very soon. You are such a great cook! Also want to make that pineapple pie you put on the blog too. Maybe I should just hire you to cook for our family. :)