22 May 2008

Klondike Park

We feel very fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the country. Chris and Alyssa (cousins) led us on a trip to Klondike Park (about a 30 minute drive). It was such an amazing day outside!

From what we understand this used to be a quarry and has now become a "park". There are walking trails and places to bbq and some playgrounds.

Chris and Alyssa have some really cutie kids - this is Jaron...

The kids had a great time skipping rocks and being together.

We brought Peanut (the dog) along too. We have learned (I guess this ride confirmed it) that she gets car sick :(. I will spare you the details...
She LOVED getting in the water and then rolling around in the sand.

Amanda and McKenna stopped for a snack.

Poor Jacob was really bothered by the pollen. I took him to the allergist this week and we found out he has the same awful seasonal allergies that Jason has.

After a snack break we drove to a trail and walked up (it was a short walk up). Gorgeous views were up top. You could see the Missouri river and the Katy Trail was down below. (Jason stayed in the van with Jacob so he could have a pollen break).
We saw this tail-less lizard on the way up.

We let Peanut sit on my lap with her head by the window to see if she could avoid getting sick on the way home...
It worked! (Which I was very grateful for, since I was the one holding her :)

We will go back again soon!


Sants said...

That is so pretty! I must admit that my first thought was, "Oh, I bet my allergies would kill me there!" So, I feel Jacob and Jason's pain. (That was weird to write, since I have brothers named Jason and Jacob).

It looks like you guys had such a fabulous day! It is great that you live near family.

We will have to come see you sometime. We do want to take the kids to Nauvoo. We are waiting for gas to get to $5 a gallon, then we will REALLY enjoy the trip!

Niki said...

That looks like a beautiful place. I love going places that have great scenery! I have seen a few places here, but am waiting for my friends to show me more.
I know about dogs getting car sick. Candice has to give her dog damimine (?) before we would travel or he would be sick the whole way. What a joy that is! I feel for you being the one holding her. Not a fun place to be.

AudraandBlake said...

HI! I have yet to go to Klondike Park. It looks SO pretty. I had no idea it was such a neat place. It was so fun to see my nieces and nephews and little sister and all your family! How fun!!

Niki said...

No, I didn't know that your grandparents live in Galveston. I have been to the seawall. We spent the day at east beach a few weeks ago..you should come on down. .that would be totally awesome...