20 May 2008

Easy Dinner

Grilled chicken

This is an easy chicken my father in law shared with me years ago. Chicken of your choice (my kids love thighs) (skin removed of course!)...
You can marinate this up to 24 hours, or pour the dressing on the chicken on the grill.

Use any Italian dressing of your choice - for me usually whatever is on sale. the dressing can be full fat, light, or fat free. If marinating ahead of time, put chicken in ziploc and pour dressing to coat, then refrigerate.

Put grill on high heat (this can also be done in a skillet on the stovetop or in the oven in a casserole dish). Place chicken on grill. I always add more dressing on the grill and then sprinkle with Lawry's salt and garlic POWDER. Cook till done on one side. Flip over and cook till done on other side.
You're done.
The night I cooked this chicken, I actually put these tenderloin pieces on the grill frozen.

I also grilled up some onions (drizzle with shoyu or soy sauce and olive oil before grilling).

I added a salad and baked red potatoes...
I actually ate the leftover half of my California Pizza Kitchen Veggie foccacia sandwich (Yummy!)
Everyone else was happy with their food :)


Sants said...

I remember when you made Larry and I something like this in Villa Maria. You marinated in 1000 Island dressing and just sprinkled with Lawrys. It is still one of Larry's favorite recipes to grill.

Niki said...

I should really write some of this stuff down and learn how to cook from you!! Dang, everyone would be so impressed. I am sure though that it will never taste the same as if you did it!