12 July 2008


We had some storms roll through last night. Some of the lightning strikes sounded EXTREMELY close to the house. I think the only one I've heard that was closer actually struck a tree in our front yard (at the last house we lived in).
This morning Jason was taking the dog out and came in looking for the camera...

This is a house just up the street from us (about four houses). Amazing!
The lighting peeled the bark off the tree and some of the bark actually was blown across the street from the force of the strike.

Jason was talking to one of the owners and she said the part of the tree that fell landed right beside a car in the driveway. The car was not physically harmed but the electrical system was not working properly.
We're so grateful no one was hurt.


Sants said...

WOW! That is super scary! And freaky about the bark and the car. Glad no one was hurt!

Niki said...

Holy Cow!!! That is just crazy! I listen to some of the storms we have here and I wonder if I will ever be near the lightning.