04 July 2008

God Bless America!

I am so grateful to live in this country. I was born in Canada and enjoyed my childhood and upbringing there - but I am so happy and appreciative to be an American (I am a dual citizen). My Mother served in the 1st Gulf War... I cannot imagine how hard it must be for those with loved ones serving over there now.
I thought this was very moving - and worth a listen to...


(Sorry, you will have to cut and paste this to view - this Blogger program and I had a fight about it and it has won momentarily - I will see if Jason can figure out why it won't link)

Thanks to all those preserving and defending our freedoms - and
Happy Independence Day!


Sants said...

I forgot that we were born and raised in Canada.

I liked the photo thingy. Happy 4th to you!

Sants said...

By we, I mean you, of course. Sorry. Too much sun - brain dead.

Niki said...

And I never knew you were born and raised in Canada! Well, maybe you told me, but ..... I always got all choked up when I was in England and it was the 4th or Thanksgiving. As many problems as our country has... I am still proud to be an American!