31 October 2008

Boo To You!

We went to the Trunk or Treat last night at church...
Jason finally wore the head scarf (yes I know there are more official names for the scarf and the round black thing that goes on top) my Mom brought him back from Bahrain (when she served there in the first Gulf war).
Most people had no idea who he was, until he spoke (that gorgeous voice of his).

Cooper wanted a bat symbol on his bandaid to match his costume.

Amanda has already been two things this week - a Jedi (she looked awesome, but thus far has forbidden me to post the pics on the blog) and a pirate. One more night of dress up. It has been fun :)

Hope you have a happy Halloween!


AudraandBlake said...

oh my goodness!!! I did not even recognize him and I knew this was your blog! haha I had to look at him for a minute. Cool costume though! I love cooper's homemade batman bandage!

Sants said...

Jason totally looks the part! I bet Amanda looked great!