03 November 2008

I needed a laugh...

I have been recovering and am so grateful I have a friend who is a great counselor. I called her the other day and found out some depression after general anesthesia is totally normal (that would be from my sinus surgery) and that a lot of heart patients experience feelings of frustration after a procedure. What a combination for me (poor Jason!).

Soo, this was a great thing for me to watch today. If you have about seven minutes, it is worth it. :)
Let me know what you think..


Sants said...

After my last surgery a few years ago I totally lost my short term memory for about six months. I was going CRAZY! Then my friend who is a doctor told me that is totally normal with more than 1 hour of anesthesia, I was under for more than three. I didn't know depression was too, but it totally makes sense.

Sorry you are having a rough time. I think things will get better soon.

Sants said...

Gilda Radner is a classic.