14 November 2009

Frozen Cookie Dough Exchange

I have been wanting to do one of these for quite some time now...
We had one this past week at church.
These were the guidelines:
Sign up for as many dozen cookies as you wanted to exchange - bring them a dozen packed to a freezer bag.
"Please label EACH bag with the type of cookies and cooking instructions from a frozen state.

Example - label each bag:
Name of your cookie
Cooking instructions
Your name & phone number 
(just in case the baker has any questions)"

We had some tables out and had each person just line up her freezer bags in a line.  Everyone walked around and picked out what they wanted (understanding that you could only take as many dozen as you brought).

Now my freezer is stocked with cookie dough.  My only problem - my kids all know it's in there!!!

This could be really fun - you could do a potluck with this, or have everyone bring a baked dozen of their cookies so everyone can taste test - also copies of their recipe (or better yet - have everyone email you their recipe and share the file with all who attend)...

Here's a picture of one of my bags 
(missing name and  phone number :)

Ho!  Ho!  Ho!

1 comment:

Sants said...

Okay that looks so good and knowing what a fabulous cook you are, I am sure that it tastes so good too!

Can I have the recipe?

Pretty please?