20 November 2009

Kitchen Cabinets, Perfectionism and Procrastination

I keep starting projects... and keep thinking - I should blog about this! -  only to think - No, I'll wait till I'm "done".  
Well, I never seem to be "done".  It's that old perfectionism rearing its ugly head that encourages me to procrastinate.  Well, no more.  You may begin seeing quite a few unfinished projects.  We seem to have two speeds around here for getting things done:  slow and slower. 
Like all of you, it's not laziness - just life going on.  My hubby is a wonderful remodeler and extremely precise, so I know when things are done, they will be done right.  
I seem to have house ADD... I'm not sure what else to call it :).
I start one thing then in the midst of things see something else that needs attention, or something exciting to change, (or can't find the right tool to finish the first project, so jump off to the next project... yada, yada, yada).  I seem to feel the thrill of beginning projects, not finishing them.  Any thoughts on why? 
(yes always looking for free therapy:)

Anyways, I have been painting the kitchen cabinets black (tired of trying to keep the white cabinets clean looking) and am very happy with how they are looking.  I stumbled on this idea at the blog "made with love and glue" awhile ago and finally decided to give it a try.  I am a light freak in the kitchen.  Love it bright!
Very inexpensive Christmas lights... very big hole with the drill .  Our cabinets are not what you would call "high quality", so I had no problem giving this a try.  We did buy under cabinet lighting about two years ago - I guess we'll save that for when we remodel the kitchen - someday.


I will be using 1 x2's, instead of 1x1's.  I think they will hide the lights better in our kitchen.  I will post some more on the kitchen SOON.  No, I will not be procrastinating any more :)

Thanks for reading and Enjoy your day!

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Sants said...

I LOVE it! I know several people who have done the Christmas light thing and it works out great!

We will be in St Louis tomorrow (Monday) night and going through Kentucky on Friday on our way back home.