11 January 2010

I need some help...

Okay - all you savvy bloggers...  what is the deal, rules, etiquette, 411... when it  comes to showing pictures from other blogs.  I constantly come across really cool ideas/pics from other blogs, but don't know if it's okay to compile a post of conglomerations of other people's stuff.  I see tons of other people do that - but is it okay??  I haven't come across any "official" rules.  Do any of you know???
Thanks for your wisdom in advance. 
Yipee - it's actually supposed to be in the 30's today!

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Sants said...

I think as long as you give credit where you got it, it's fine. And if you link to their site, it's even better because I think (most) everyone wants more people to see what they are up to.

Not that I know. It's just something I noticed.

Design Mom has an entire business making her blog about cool stuff she's found on line. So does U Create and a couple of others. They just link back. I know U Create asks. I am not sure about Design Mom.