09 January 2010

Love It

I love to "window shop"...  Oh the possibilities.  I love to wander around and see all the pretties for my house.  I imagine where it would go - what I would pair it with... I really do have alot of fun doing this.  Once in awhile I will even put something I find in my cart or basket - usually to eventually talk myself out of why I shouldn't buy it and then back it goes.

Well, once a year I do go out the door KNOWING I will come home with something new. 
When you ask??? 
December 26th - at Crate & Barrel LOVE that store and they always have some awesome deals after Christmas - like under $20.  I think one of my favorite finds this year was this little birdie 

So cute - beautiful.  It was an ornament and now it is hanging in my kitchen window.  I love it.
I love this black and white of it too.  Hey and what makes it even more beautiful is I actually have my beadboard backsplash up now too!  I post some of that soon.

(wow - need to wash those windows :)
p.s. happy new year! hope life is good
think spring!

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Sants said...

Oh that is beautiful! I can hardly wait to see your backsplash pictures! Yay for the beadboard!