11 March 2010

new to the shop... and a fabric decision

I'm finally adding a couple of things to the shop.  Sewing is such a stress reliever for me - and having a patient husband is priceless :)

First up a Spring Table Runner -

 And second, a big lap quilt.  I love these fabrics!
I need a better picture of the back - 
too many tree shadows and it is looking wonky, 
but it really is straight...

 On the purse "front", there seems to be a 
general consensus about fabric #2.  
What great taste you all have!  
Amy Butler's "Daisy Chain"!  
fun  fun  fun!

I look forward to making and giving another purse away :)

1 comment:

Shannon said...

What happened to the yellow and light blue lap quilt. I kept looking for it on your etsy page so I could buy it and never saw it. Is it available and can I buy it?