15 March 2010

cuteness for $1

I found these cuties on a recent trip to Target - in the Dollar Spot no less.  What I love most about them is they came with pre-drilled holes - perfect for the pegboard!  There was a ribbon on each side, so I just took one side out and voila!  
Instant junk holder :)

I'm trying really hard to get my sewing space organized - hubby hung a chandelier in there for me the other day :).  I'll post some pics soon...


Her Majesty, the Queen said...

oooooooo, cute! I want! I want! Unfortunately, no peg boards. Boo!

lacycakes said...

ok so i mentioned at your house that i want a peg board and low and behold i was in the cave (dark cold room in basement used for storage) and the previous owners left a huge one! yeah me! and they still have those pails at target!