24 June 2010

Cooper moment...

I was sitting in the front room last night when I heard some noises from the family room.  This is why...

Cooper was sitting on the couch, picking his nose and wiping it by him on the couch.  Dad noticed what was going on and told Cooper to clean it up!  Dad also told me that he gave Cooper some tissues to clean it up.  By that time Cooper knew how absolutely grossed out everyone was (I guess that was when I was hearing all the noise).  
So after Dad gave Coop the tissues and told him to clean it up, Coop replied, "I already put them back!"  Yes, he put them "back".


Hope you have a wonderful day!

1 comment:

Sants said...

Totally barfed in my mouth. Such a kid thing to do! WHY do they? Why am I asking why?!