25 June 2010

would you, could you???

here's the truth...
my craft room is a mess.

my name is elizabeth and i NEED help!

there i've said it.

if i am brave and post pics - 
(here's one - and really it is not this bad right now :)
will you give me suggestions on how to organize this space?
of course, if you give me your suggestions via a comment, i will enter you in a drawing for a purse or tote - your choice.
i will show fabric choices and some guidelines for the purse/tote, but you decide what you want design wise.

let me know what you think - if you're in or out.


lacycakes said...

ok i suggest those wire basket drawers under all the tables. (like closet organizers)that way you can see through them to see fabric, it's bigger than your cubby, and it can hold all sorts of other things too.

laura said...

My suggestion is a space or drawer for each group of items and make a bright a colourful label for each one.

Lott crew said...

Give me a time or day and I am there...already told you that:) Next week is mostly free so PLEASE let me help---not because I am perfect at organizing...but I can pretend.

Katie said...

Try doing a little at a time. It can be overwhelming if you look at it as a whole. Since I have been stamp/scrapbooking stuff I have had to be totally organized. This is what I did: 2 tall bookshelves from Walmart or Target, photo boxes from your local craft store ( I wanted till they were on sale). Then you take one set of stuff put in box, label it and put on shelf. Pretty boxes on pretty shelves makes for a cute room. Ask my mom about my area, she will tell you :-)

Sants said...

Oh I LOVE to organize! Hard to believe I know! I am a big fan of the ugly but highly functional clear plastic totes (they can be cuted up with tags) because that way I can see what's in them. I have to see! Also, in Spokane Larry put a laminate counter top against one wall of my craft room, with shelves above it and Rubbermaid bins underneath (with a place left out for me to sit and put my legs). I had my serger, sewing machine,and laptop on the top and everything else stored all around.

It was fantastic, but difficult for me to remember to keep the top of the counter cleaned off.

But I like to see my projects in progress.

I totally cannot find your email! UGH! You ARE on my summer list! I am hoping you will be home when we are on our way to Nauvoo - July 23 - 25! (Fingers crossed!) Email me, k?


Sants said...
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lacycakes said...

ooh i agree with the photo boxes too. that what i have for all my scrap stuff and i get them when they are half off at hobby lobby.

Lorrie Munson said...

My idea might not be what you want to hear but before you organize you need to simplify. Most creative people love the clutter around them but it is also the very thing that keeps them from being productive. Looking at what you have I wouold suggest getting rid of 2/3 of what you won't use right a way. Pack it away, store it or give it away. Move it out of your room. It's a bit like packing children's toys into 3 boxes and bring out 1/3 at a time to play with.

Second give yourself some counter space. The space needs to be clean most of the time. If you see a clean counter you are more excited about working.

Your space is organized very well. I love the idea of using vertical space but clean space and blank areas on a wall can be very inspiring.