28 June 2010

Thank you! Keep it coming!!

I have loved your comments... and would love to have some more :)
Every comment counts towards a purse or tote!  (Previous post comments included).

My room is off the kitchen - it's actually supposed the dining room, but I claimed it as mine.

I do ask a lot of in this space...  I sew, cut vinyl (Cricut) and would like to break out my Yudu and try my hand at silk screening some stuff.

I am open to any suggestions and would like to take advantage of every square inch - all vertical spaces included.

I love the idea of having countertops installed (thanks Tif) and think I would like to do that on the wall with my sewing machine.

I am a very visual person.  If I don't see it, I often don't think to use it.  I also want things to look "cute".
The thing on the right is my treadmill.  There is a tv mounted in front of it and they are both in this tucked away space my husband created.

That white stuff on the wall hold projects I want to look at and think about.  This area needs to stay pretty much the same, because I am not moving the treadmill.

This is NOT working for me.  My "cutting table".  I used to have my daughter's sewing table here (I'll show you that in a minute).  So, suggest away :)  I have thought of having some sort of island cutting table - under the chandelier, but I don't know if I have enough room.  Maybe a "sitting chair" in front of the window for a visitor?  Maybe no room for that?? 

Here is the last wall.  To the right is the opening into the kitchen, so it is a short wall.  I know I need a vent cover.  I am totally open to any suggestions.  I am not in love with anything here.

I would love to here all your ideas - out of the box ideas are great.

I will post some fabric thoughts for the winner's purse/tote.  I'll keep this open as long as the ideas are coming.

Thanks :)

p.s. if you need measurements, better pics, any more info - please let me know


Katie said...

Another thing I like to do is go to Thrift stores, you can get all kinds of ideas there, and they also have some storage ideas there that you may not have thought to use.

Jen said...

1st off-I LOVE your paint color in your craft room. It is so calming and peaceful in there, even with everything going on! I think you need some sort of chair in front of the window. It has a great view and you could really enjoy it more. I love plastic shoeboxes for organizing things in. They stack really well, are really cheap, and you can see what is inside them. If you buy a brand that has larger sizes they will still stack well together even if they aren't the same size. I would love to come and help you with organizing, I am free all next week!

Jen Donaghue said...

I was thinking some more about this since I commented last night. A counter top with shelving underneath would probably work really good. You could do open shelving to save money and remement counter tops are pretty cheap at the Remolding Room in St. Charles!

Sants said...

I totally think you need a smallish scale chair in there. In front of the window - for you if nothing else! Somewhere to sit and get inspired!

My crapft counter in Spokane had shelves above it and I used larger than shoe box bins to hold my smaller piece fabrics by color, my paints in one, stamps in one, paper in ... four, and so on.

And I really, really, really, REALLY gave a lot of stuff away when we first organized it and when I moved to Louisiana. And it's been good. I've hardly re-bought anything and I like the feeling I get from donating. I did sell some of my Creative Memories crapft on Ebay which I also really, really REALLY loved having a balance in my PayPal account so I could guilt free shop Etsy and Ebay.


52 Creations said...

I envy your work station Beautiful!!!

Joelle said...

So have you done any thing with this space yet? I totally agree a cutting table where only one end is against a wall if so much more useful. Or maybe one on wheels that you can move to the center of the room then back when not in use for big projects.. We are getting ready to move and I know I will have a wall of peg board for hangin all those tools, hoops and rulers..
Good luck.. Looking forward to seeing your results. Joelle