18 September 2010

i got your number(s)... and wait! no wheat!??

yes, it's time for another giveaway...
some numbers - for canisters, mailbox, front door...
whatever you want 
(if you win that is).
(see last post to see my canisters)

I will draw the winner on monday, september 27th.

why so long you ask?
well, i am spoiled and will be going to this with my mom!
an early birthday present from her.
i am so excited and promise to give a full report when i get back.

on the health side of things, i found out that i am gluten intolerant.
boo hoo hoo!  weeping and wailing!!!!
those of you that know me well, know how much i adore my bread, so i am struggling with this one.
any one know any great websites or recipes for me??  pretty please????

if  you want to win the numbers, just leave a comment.  have a wonderful week =)...


Her Majesty, the Queen said...

sorry to hear about your gluten intolerance. hope you are able to adjust without too much difficulty.

Lorrie and Kent said...

I know more and more people are becoming gluten free by force. I am so sorry. I know Whole Foods has ideas and classes occasionally so they might be a good resource.

I didn't leave a comment to win the numbers. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I think you are. Have a wonderful time.

Sants said...

Oh my goodness! No bread! I know how much you love that! I share that love and you are do good at baking it,too. So sorry my friend! Boo! On the other hand if you feel better than it will totally be worth it! And on that same hand, if ever there was someone who could take that challenge and figure out how to do and still live bountifully and with thanksgiving it would be you. Have a great time at the quilt thingie! You deserve it and your mom is awesome! (Is she looking into adopting a 43 yr old? Haha)

Lott crew said...

My cousin and her child has that too-(seliacs disease)-She gave me a recipe for gluten free gumdrop cookies---they were pretty good. If you want it let me know. Hang in there. Maybe you will feel better soon though!