04 February 2011

yippe kai ay :)

amazing!  i got the camera to work - for now...
i have been really eyeballing the cameras at costco lately.
but, for now - i was able to take some pics of the latest on the design wall.
i have been using up my leftovers.  it makes me happy to see all of these beautiful fabrics together.
i have three more blocks to make - and will redo the one with the lighter pink center.  the center is too square.

what do you do with your leftovers??


Lorrie Munson said...

I give my leftovers away. Speaking of which I have a Canon Camera that is new but I never use it because my husband is the cameraman. If you want my leftover new camera let me know. I would hate to see you stop blogging just because you don't have a camera!

Sant Family said...

I think I'm going to start sending them to you! I am so bad at matching stuff. You just do it! AMAZING!

Glad your camera rallied. Maybe with a tax return?